About Us

There are many variations of classified sites out there these days but, Zalistic® Classifieds likes to approach things a little bit different! We understand how crazy and complicated things in life can be. With knowing that, we strive to try and keep things as simple as we can here. From our nice layouts, our different forms of contacting the ad lister’s, and most of all making things easy to sign up. Every area is important to us. Each day our goal is to make Zalistic® Classifieds Safe and easy to use for everyone!

Most positive things in life is a process and does not usually happen over night. With working hard for many years, we have been able to create Zalistic® Classifieds as you see it now. Each day we continue to see what can be made easier to use or view.

Many of the other classified sites are just too disorganized and difficult to use. So happy Zalistic® Classifieds cares about giving users a simplified way for finding things to buy, sell, and giving a good way of communication from the buyers to the listers! Thank You!

What We Do?

Zalistic® Classifieds offers many different outlets of use that may useful. Below you can view the top 5 Area’s of interest which we allow for persons to use:

  • Sell things that you may not need anymore to make some extra cash or for a business
  • Buy local items that catch your interest
  • Trade things you may have to upgrade or just to have something different
  • Advertise your local business and show what you may have to offer
  • Post a service that can help peoples life in a positive way

Who We Are?

We are hopefully your number one pick when you think of buying, selling, advertising, trading, and posting a legal service! Zalistic® has been delivering results for many years. One of our main goals is to provide both a Safe and Easy experience when viewing or using Zalistic® Classifieds in any form. We appreciate all our customers and welcome feedback & suggestions. Use our Contact page to tell us what you like or any concerns you may have!